Past Webinar Recordings

Past Webinar Recordings


July 2020 – How Cities Listen and Demonstrate Understanding of Residents’ Sentiment During Crisis

Recording     PowerPoint

August 2020 – The Surprising Science of Community Input:  What’s Helpful?  What’s Useful?  What’s Dangerous?

Recording   PowerPoint

September 2020 – Lessons Learned From COVID-19


October 2020 – What’s New on Social Media?

Nextdoor PowerPoint Presentation     Facebook PowerPoint Presentation

November 2020 – The 87th Texas Legislative Session. What to Expect and How to Communicate About It.


December 2020 – And the TAMI Goes To…Tips for Hearing Your City’s Name Called!

Recording    Panelists’ Bios     Plano’s Project Form     Carrollton’s PowerPoint Tips on Winning

January 2021 – A Pandemic, a Roman God, and You – Getting Ready for the New Year

Recording    Webinar Poll Results

March 2021 – Social Media: The Latest Trends, New Features and What’s Next


April 2021 – Changing the Way We Communicate Change

Recording     PowerPoint Presentation    Change Management Form

May 2021 – TAMIO Teammates-Making the Newsroom Connections