Certification Program

Certified Public Communicator  Program (CPC) Certification Program

Cities and counties need to deliver critical information to residents during times of crisis to ensure public safety. To address the wide range of knowledge needed for this important work, TAMIO became the founding partner with Texas Christian University (TCU) in 2013 for the Certified Public Communicator Program.

Since then, more than 250 people from around the country have been awarded certifications in the 13-month program. TAMIO members have been represented in every cohort since 2013, when the entire first cohort comprised of 28 TAMIO members.

The curriculum is developed by TCU strategic communication professionals Dr. Jacqueline Lambiase and Dr. Ashley English and offers 95 hours of leadership training and coursework designed for the complexities and challenges of communicating with citizens and stakeholders. In addition to communications professional from cities and counties, the CPC program also welcomes public information communicators working for school districts, and other public and public-private agencies and organizations.

Participants stay in a designated hotel for a week during two summers, so they can engage in focused study with other public-sector professionals. To graduate, members develop three-year communication plans for their organizations, working with public relations, advertising and marketing experts.

Subject areas for the first summer are theory-focused on public relations, advertising and marketing, with the second summer’s focus on professional application of these disciplines. Both summers present an integrated communication approach that is infused with ethics, creativity, place-making, digital media, and public affairs perspectives.

For more information on the program or to register for the next session, please visit www.certifiedpubliccommunicator.org.

TAMIO Scholarship Opportunity

TAMIO provides a 50 percent scholarship to a TAMIO member each year. To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a current TAMIO member, and been a member for at least three years
  • Provide a letter explaining financial need signed by the applicant’s finance director, assistant city manager, or city manager. The letter should include the annual professional development budget for the applicant
  • Must commit to promote the program at TAMIO conferences (staff CPC table, speak on panel, etc.)
  • Provide a short essay about why the applicant wants to enroll in the CPC program and how the program will further their career goals and their organization’s goals
  • In the application, please also include a statement acknowledging your organization will be able to cover the remaining 50 percent of the program cost.

One scholarship will be awarded per cohort (class). Submissions will be voted on by the TAMIO Board of Directors. Applications must be received by March 9 and are based on class availability. Send your CPC scholarship application documents (listed in the criteria) to tristan@tml.org.



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