The Power of “The Plan” – Thriving in a Year Like 2020

Strategic Plan
As we turned the corner into 2020, most of us had fresh visions for the new year with plans and goals to pursue. Aaaaahhhhh… but 2020 had other ideas! How many memes have we seen (or created) to define and describe this “unprecedented” year? Yes, that’s on the list of words we never want to use again. Our job is to adapt, pivot, and find ways to thrive, not just survive! Haven’t we witnessed the efforts of local restaurants in our communities to adapt to the world of “curbside or takeout,” and build an entirely new fan base with their efforts? Who would have dreamed that drive-in movies might make such a dramatic comeback? And don’t you wish you had bought stock in Zoom in 2019? I watched my local…
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