Introducing the Retiree Recognition Program

No matter how many years we have left in our careers, I think most of us have thought about retirement a time or two (maybe a little more!), and the last 12 months of viruses, vaccines, storms and protests probably accelerated some of that thinking. There’s no doubt some people may prefer to quietly ride off into the sunset to never be seen or heard from again, but shouldn’t we first acknowledge their work in some meaningful, public way beyond a quick “congrats, you made it to the finish line” email? TAMIO has a solution. We are pleased to announce a new program that will help us honor the service and contributions of our colleagues upon their retirement. Our first honoree is Pamela Bransford who retired last week from Boerne.…
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TAMIO Board Elections

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The nomination period for regional director positions on the TAMIO Board is upon us, and I want to encourage anyone attracted by this opportunity to throw their hat into the ring and be part of the process. Yes, You Can If you have any apprehensions or hurdles of self-doubt preventing you from submitting a self-nomination, then let me build you up and let you know that this is an opportunity for you. Whether you work for a large city or you’re a one-person shop for a small or medium-sized town, you have something that you can contribute for the good of our organization. Serving on the Board is also a little self-serving. For me, it has been one of the most personally and professionally rewarding experiences that I’ve had. I…
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