TAMIO is growing. What about our board and regions?

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Over the last decade, TAMIO has seen substantial growth in membership and in the organization’s programming. That growth is exciting, but it brings with it a few challenges. Certain parts of the state have seen record population growth, which means those TAMIO regions have also seen the fastest membership growth. This has resulted in some regions with 24 members and other regions with more than 150 members. Additionally, all of the new programming TAMIO is producing requires people to implement it and facilitate it. These are all normal growing pains, and we have a proposed solution for your consideration – a reconfiguration of our TAMIO regions. What will that look like? First, it’s important to note that our TAMIO regions need to align with the boundaries already created for TML’s…
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Servant Leadership and Communicators

Leadership, TAMIO
When I began brainstorming another TAMIO Thoughts article six months ago, I threw around many ideas. I am a planner. I love making checklists and crossing off items; this makes me feel accomplished somehow. I also like to stay organized and always know what is coming. So, when I signed up to write my TAMIO Thoughts article a few months ago, I decided to write about Department Planning. However, something happened just yesterday that changed my mind. As communicators, not only do we have to be well educated and skilled in our craft, we also have to be servant leaders, especially as public communicators. So, you may be thinking, but I am not a manager; how would the topic of servant leadership apply to me? The answer is simple and…
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