Introducing the Retiree Recognition Program

No matter how many years we have left in our careers, I think most of us have thought about retirement a time or two (maybe a little more!), and the last 12 months of viruses, vaccines, storms and protests probably accelerated some of that thinking. There’s no doubt some people may prefer to quietly ride off into the sunset to never be seen or heard from again, but shouldn’t we first acknowledge their work in some meaningful, public way beyond a quick “congrats, you made it to the finish line” email?

TAMIO has a solution. We are pleased to announce a new program that will help us honor the service and contributions of our colleagues upon their retirement. Our first honoree is Pamela Bransford who retired last week from Boerne. Pamela dedicated almost 40 years to municipal communication in Texas including 24 years in San Antonio and another 15 years with Boerne, where she was the city’s first communications director. Pamela’s work has been recognized nationally and statewide by the American Public Works Association and Keep San Antonio Beautiful.

While in Boerne, she helped the city pass its first-ever Quality of Life Bond Program and she was involved in its 2018 Master Plan. Perhaps most importantly, she created a Communications Office for Boerne, that has grown with her leadership.

Pam’s TAMIO “parting gift” may not rival the “Price Is Right,” but it did allow our organization to thank her for her four decades of municipal communication and membership to TAMIO. Before her departure, she was presented with a TAMIO Certificate of Recognition, as well as a TAMIO branded cutting board. While we couldn’t make it to Boerne to present Pam with her recognition in-person, the goal is to have the TAMIO president, a board member or regional director present this certificate and gift during a public retirement meeting or City Council meeting to bring attention to the retiree’s work, our larger profession and what our time, creativity and dedication mean to communities across the state.

Moving forward, this recognition will be available for all retiring communication professionals who have maintained membership in TAMIO for at least 10 years. And, we need your help to make this program work. Please notify a TAMIO Board Member, your regional director or our TML liaison, Lauren Grossman ( when you have a coworker who is retiring. We’ll work with you to make sure our TAMIO colleague is recognized and thanked for their service.

Please join me in congratulating Pamela Bransford in her retirement and please help us move this program forward so that we can be sure to mark the talents, hard work and leadership of our future TAMIO retirees.

Jay Warren, CPC
TAMIO President
Director of Communication & Legislative Affairs
City of Arlington