November Webinar

Utility lead and copper rule revisions – another communication duty for you.

November 9    11:00 a.m.


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The lead and copper rule revisions include extensive public outreach requirements that affect every aspect of utility operations. Employees throughout the utility play a role in meeting the rule’s requirements, whether it’s opening an account, repairing a break, replacing a meter, implementing a pipe rehab project or doing compliance sampling.
While there is a dedicated section of the rule related to public information and outreach, almost every section of it contains requirements for outreach activities. There are very few differences in outreach requirements based on the water system’s size. It is easy to violate the communication utility lead and copper rule revisions if you are not careful. Don’t let it happen to you. Join us in this webinar as we review what communication is needed and when.


Dorothy White, CPC, Public & Media Relations Director, City of Garland


Mary Gugliuzza, Media Relations & Communications Coordinator, City of Fort Worth Water

Mary is the media relations and communications coordinator for the City of Fort Worth water utility, where she has worked for over 26 years. She confesses that before she took this job she knew nothing about water and admits to taking it for granted. That all changed, and she now considers herself a water nerd.

During her career with Fort Worth Water, she has overseen internal and external communications, media relations, crisis communications and public involvement.

Mary served as chair of the American Water Works Association’s Public Affairs Council, and on the AWWA Board of Directors and Executive Committee from 2018 to 2021. She now serves on the AWWA Board of directors as director-at-large.

A native of New Orleans, Mary has a journalism degree from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, now Texas State University.