May Webinar

Rethinking Budget Communications


May 25    11:00 a.m.

Each year local governments make tough choices about how to allocate tax dollars. While this can be very complex, some governments in Texas and around the country have successfully used activities to facilitate fact-based engagement on what some consider to be the most important policy document of government: the budget. The challenge is that public engagement is not typically thought of as a core competency for budget officers. How can professional communicators help demystify budget information so that the public understands expenditures and revenue and has confidence in how their government is managing finances?
Attend this session and together we’ll discuss the need to rethink public engagement, challenges people face in wrapping their minds around numbers, and strategies for making numbers count. You will also come away with and understanding of how online tools can fill an important communications gap and offer significant advantages over surveys and budget hearings.


Victor Brownlees, Finance Director, City of Baytown and Thomas Reeves, Public Affairs Director, City of Baytown


Shayne Kavanagh,Senior Manager of Research, Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and Chris Adams, President, Balancing Act


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